Q & A

Question: Will the Dish Shield interfere with my satellite reception?

Answer: No, the Dish Shield will not interfere with satellite reception. The Dish Shield is made of a special nylon material that is uniquely coated with snow and ice repellant and it does not interfere with or reduce satellite reception.

Question:  What tools are needed to install the Dish Shield?

Answer: No tools are needed to install the Dish Shield as a cover for a satellite dish. There are no straps, hooks, ties, or cord locks on the Dish Shield. It goes on a satellite dish like putting on a shower cap or a fitted sheet on a mattress. See the installation video on this website, which demonstrates how easy it is to install the Dish Shield.

Question: Will the Dish Shield fit my satellite dish?

Answer: The Dish Shield will fit both a Direct TV and a dishHD satellite dish.

Question: How does the Dish Shield work?

Answer: The Dish Shield provides a super slick flat surface to a satellite dish, thereby reducing snow and ice build-up on a satellite dish.