About Us

I love the snow. But I don’t love going out in the snow and cold to brush off the snow that builds up on my satellite dish and causes interference with my tv signal. Going outside with a broom to clean snow off my dish at all hours of the day and night is the last thing I want to do while I’m in the middle of watching tv. I tried a number of home remedies that were supposed to work but didn’t. I tried spraying the dish with cooking oil, but the oil just washed off. Then I tried covering the dish with a plastic garbage bag, but that was ugly, the bag wouldn’t stay tight in the wind, and the snow still built up on the bag anyway. I called the satellite company and they were no help, telling me only to get a bigger broom. Nothing worked.

That’s why I invented the Dish Shield. It installs easily in just seconds and without needing any tools, straps, cords or clips to fasten. The Dish Shield is strong, durable, 100% waterproof, and extremely slick. With the Dish Shield, I no longer have to worry about snow and ice accumulating on my dish and interfering with my satellite signal. That means I can enjoy watching tv while staying warm and cozy inside my house rather than traipsing outside with a broom to clean off my satellite dish.